Waerboomhof – Top quality breeding

  • Exclusivity on Waerboom level

  • Next to the Waerboom domain you can find the Waerboomhof. Here we raise some top quality breeds with the greatest care : Mechelse Koekoek, Angus Aberdeen, Duke of Berkshire. The sublime taste of these top breeds, combined with a healthy and slow breeding process, truly make this an added value for every food lover. Know what you eat !

    Farmstead rooms

    Enjoy the peace and quiet of our farm in our guest rooms on the farm.

    Exclusivity on Wearboom level

    Would you like to enjoy our services in exclusivity ? Our newest and unique hall “de SCHUUR” allows for this : perfect for product presentations, receptions, bbqs and garden parties. You and your guests will enjoy our farm in exclusivity.


    Ask your quote for an exclusive event